Why Bon Iver Refuse to Perform at Grammys?

Sayyidul Istighfar Monday, February 6, 2012
Bon Iver choose to be spectators only, rather than have to perform. According to Justin's all a matter of principle.

The musicians compete for the opportunity to perform in a grand ceremony the 54th Grammy Awards to be held February 12. But the band Bon Iver reject the offer. Why?

Initially fronted band's Justin Vernon agrees to perform in an event held at the Nokia Theater, Los Angeles. But eventually they retreated after being asked to collaborate with other musicians.

"We want to play our music, but we were not able to do so. We must collaborate with others. And we think it's a very big stage, we can be nominated from the album that we made. We pay homage to it and suddenly we were asked to play music that has nothing at all, "said Justin told Billboard.com on Monday (02/06/2012).

Bon Iver have four nominations this year. But being nominated is not making them feel the need to play other people's songs on stage.

Bon Iver Cover Album

Bon Iver Perform
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