Katy Perry Best Gown : Mostly Expensive

Sayyidul Istighfar Saturday, May 26, 2012

Elegant and glamour gown that's combine by white and black flower pattern. she looks very beautiful and sexy like a princess.

This gown has unique material combination, the color are softly, suitable for her clear skin. The design are mostly same with before.  Stiil seems beautiful and sexy.

Elegant white gown with simple design. Katty perry smile on taking picture sessio at te gramy. very classic appearance withou leaving it’s glamor side
 Nomination of Katy Perry Best Gown – Bright and elegant gown
Nomination of Katy Perry Best Gown – Perfect combination of color gradation

New Looks of katty perry. by coloring her hair with blue,, she seems freshly and get difference from others. her gown also glamomur and seems very – very expensive from famous designers.
Nomination of Katy Perry Best Gown – She Seems a bride with long gown
Nomination of Katy Perry Best Gown — Like a Real Princess
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