A Unique and Funny Facts of Leonardo DiCaprio

Sayyidul Istighfar Sunday, November 13, 2011
An artist never out of the news. many media reveals a unique side of them. This case is part of the life of an artist in the face of their popularity. No exception actor who once jumped after starring in the movie "Titanic" Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio had a bad habit. He likes to bite his nails all the time. Although he was known as Hollywood movies that he starred, but Leo admitted that he hated so-called 'Hollywood Hunk' (Guys Hollywood).

Leo likes to collect sunglasses that cost $ 5.

Although a lot of fans, but Leo's first experience dating a girl was not a success. He first date with a girl named Cessi Spain, but was so nervous, his first date that was the last date with Cessi.

Leonardo's own name turned out to have its own history. While containing Leo, the baby in her womb kicked felt his stomach when he approached one of the paintings by Leonardo DaVinci. Therefore the mother decided to name their son Leonardo.

Apparently, Leo grew up in Echo Park, an area dominated by the drunks. Then how about Leo himself?

As a child, he was nicknamed 'Leonardo Retardo' because he was always cheating in class and often do break dancing in the school cafeteria.

Leo had two nicknames are quite unique, namely 'Noodles'. As a child, people often think Leo is a girl. How could I not, with long blond hair, he dressed in bright clothes and shoes of his mother. Leonardo DiCaprio is an animal lover. He had time to maintain the various stars such as frogs, dogs and lizards.
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