Concerts Britney Spears No Bustling Again

Sayyidul Istighfar Sunday, November 20, 2011
Maybe Britney Spears heyday is over.

Because Britney Spears is reportedly tour themed 'Femme Fatale' reportedly far from expectations

Had an incident in which Britney Spears tour in Dublin which resulted in one of her fans were killed.

Had reported that Britney Spears concert watched only a handful of people, like the testimony of one of her audience.

Even Britney's concert in England quiet spectators. In fact you could say stadium for concerts take place empty.

Britney Spears's stage performances were also said to be sluggish without passion, not as good as usual.

Britney Spears had great success in the late '90s, much different from now

Britney Spears also never managed to hit the music industry with a fantastic album sales
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